wHAt’s thiS aLL abouT??

weLL,, thiS iS bLOg iS compiLations oF all my journals, qoutes, stories, jokes, etc.

tHis bLog is  a new one.. so doNt expect too much.. but for sure,,, u will love some of my stuffs…

Published on May 4, 2008 at 2:12 pm  Comments (2)  

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  1. ..ei guyS… u caN reaD aLL my poSTS on thE right siDE…

  2. uhmm!!


    i luv u,,

    u did a gud job..
    f 8s called a job? jiji
    bzta,, ANG GANDA!

    VERY InSpIRing!!

    i can say that i’m inlove
    u know,,,wat i mean!!

    parng..nabuhayn aq!!

    [cAn’t xPLain]

    ..i’m z0h hApy
    4 u,,4 this!

    keep 8 up!!gurl…

    -u d have a
    lot of idEas bout

    get more INSPIRED!!
    – i know wat u have inside
    i can feel that nung tymz
    na i’m w/ u,,

    GODbless u!!
    ,,and stay strong!
    persue ur dreamz,,w/ LOVE!
    T.C lage,,

    mwuah! mwuah!
    luv u,,

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