LOVE..soME faCTs abouT it…

Love is a funny thing which no one seems to

It comes and goes without letting you know,
you cant block when it comes and cant stop
when it goes.

What does love means actually?
< L > oving him/her deeply?
< O > lways there for him/her?
< v > ideo of happiness?
< E > very single day missing him/her ?
< L > eting him/her go ?
< O > rder urself to forget him/her ?
< V > isiting past memories ?
< E > nsure that u are strong to overcome ?

When love comes..
U may hurt someone, someone may hurt u.
Some will be blessed, some will be sad.
Some maybe ignored, some may be treasured.

When love goes..
Some learn to let go, some choose to hold on.
Some stay strong, some commit sucide.
Life goes on for some, life turns hell for some.
Love seems scary but yet warm.. tender and sweet

When u are in love or out of love. U must always
have a positive thinking. Out of love is not the end
of world.

And if u are in love, treasure him/her. Never hurt
him/her, always trust and have faith in her/him.

Loving someone yet he/she didnt know
Loving someone in slient is tough
U see her/him every single day yet she is not urs
Ppl keep telling themselves that if he/she is happy
they would b happy too
Is it true? Can u really be happy if he/she is happy
but not by ur side?
If u love him/her, let him/her know or u shall regret it
for ur whole life when he/she was with someone else

Relationship ?
Never get in a relationship if u do not know how to
love urself
Never get in a relationship if u were only trying to
toy with it
Never get in a relationship if u know ur broken
heart cant contain anyone

LOVE is happy LOVE is sad
LOVE is touching LOVE is hurting
NO matter wat LOVE is, human still cant run
away from LOVE
Cos the time they were borned into this world they
are already receiving LOVE from their parents

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